A brief portfolio of some of the sites developed by Wednesday Digital.

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Our approach to web development

Most of our sites are built with a secure and versatile PHP back-end and a range of web technologies hand-picked for the front-end according to the needs of the project.

These sites range from easily-updatable WordpRess installations to more technical custom-built solutions.

Valet My Clubs

Built with a WordPress CMS, but you wouldn't know that from the speed it runs at. Almost all the functionality is built with a bespoke plugin and it has some exciting API integrations with TNT Express, Google Maps, and Stripe.


The Stop Switch

A whole new approach to parallax. As you scroll down the screen, the parallax images interact with each other and so information is delivered both in the foreground and the background.

Have a play. It's fun.


Wild Cards and Gifts

This site was built in collaboration with Kremedia web design and is a successful Joomla-based e-commerce site which includes shop-floor Point Of Sale integration.


Send a Barrel Online

A WordPress-based e-commerce site which allows migrants to buy gifts and groceries for loved ones back home.


Tanked Up Magazine

A great looking, entertaining site with a lot going on including video blogs, a CMS-controlled archiving facility and various database-driven dynamic areas.


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